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Lower Your Premium Rate, Don’t Overpay!

Is your Medicare Supplement premium increasing?

If you are like most policyholders in North Carolina, your Medicare Supplement premium rate has been going up, up and up for the last several years. When you face a rate increase, we recommend shopping the market for the identical coverage that may be offered at a lower rate. There is no difference in the benefits you receive under one company’s plan versus another.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance typically approves almost every insurance company’s premium rate increases every year after a review of the company’s medical inflation trends and overall claims experience. Therefore, even if you are healthy and have only a few medical claims, you may face a rate increase every year because of the unhealthy individuals in your company’s claim pool who have many medical claims.

We have GOOD NEWS. At the North Carolina Senior Citizens Association (NCSCA), we have a service called PREMIUM WATCH. The PREMIUM WATCH program is a unique and free service that will check your Medicare Supplement plan and price so you can rest assured that you are getting the best price possible. With our proprietary PREMIUM WATCH technology, we can research rates on your behalf and notify you if there is an opportunity to save money on your current plan with a different Medicare Supplement insurance provider.

If you are unhappy with the service or price of your current Medicare Supplement insurance, just complete the Medicare Supplement pre-application and return it in the postage-paid enclosed envelope for processing. SEND NO MONEY. This is too important to put off. Compare rates and LOWER your premium today.

As a courtesy to you, our NCSCA Medicare Advisors will NOT CALL YOU unless requested. However, if at any time you want more information about your Medicare Supplement options, call 1-800-290-7535 or email me at

For more than 40 years, we have helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries in North Carolina enroll in a Medicare plan. There is NO COST to you for our services. Let us help you.

IMPORTANT! You can switch your Medicare Supplement policy anytime during the year. COMPARE RATES!  Don’t OVERPAY for your healthcare coverage.

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