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Low Medicare Supplement Rates

Turning 65 or Over 65?

Lowest Medicare Supplement rates for people age 65 or over in North Carolina!

Whether you are shopping for your first Medicare Supplement or wondering if you could save on your current premiums, you should compare rates. Get great protection from one of the largest Medicare Supplement carriers with the highest financial rated insurance companies in the nation. Don’t put off making decisions that could save you money. During open enrollment you may apply with no medical underwriting, no health questions to answer, and no waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

Guaranteed Issue

Your acceptance is guaranteed during the guaranteed issue period if you are coming off your group or COBRA health insurance plan or have enrolled in Medicare within the last six months. That’s why it’s important to act now. Plan F and Plan G are the most popular Medicare Supplement plans in North Carolina and throughout the nation because they offer the most comprehensive coverage. There are no-out-of pocket expenses for you to pay for any Medicare-covered services. Plan F and Plan G pays 100% of Medicare Part A deductible and and co-insurance. Plan F and Plan G also pays 100% of skilled nursing facility co-payments, plus 100% of any Part B excess charges. Plus, you have the freedom to choose your own doctor or specialist without a referral and can visit any Medicare-participating hospital in the nation.

Premium Rates Vary - Compare Rates

Under federal law, all Medicare Supplement Plans have identical benefits – the only difference is PRICE. That means Plan G has the same benefits, no matter which insurance company is selling it to you. Plan G is the most popular plan today. However, the premium rates vary widely among the various insurers even though the benefits are the same for each company. 

Future Rate Increases

Premium rates of all companies are adjusted each year due to a change in your age. In addition, most companies can adjust their premium rates due to medical claims trends and overall claims experience. However, you alone cannot be singled out for a premium rate increase because of your individual claims.

We've Helped Thousands of People

Since 1977, our NCSCA Medicare Specialists have helped thousands enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at affordable rates. With our knowledge and many years of experience, we know the insurance needs of people on Medicare. Let us help you.

Don’t delay. If you are turning 65, it is important to apply now. By applying NOW, you will have the coverage you need ready and waiting for you when you turn 65. Just complete the Medicare Supplement Pre-Application Enrollment Form. If you have any questions, call 1-800-290-7535.



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