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Senior Citizens Association
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The Senior Citizens Association

We are looking for licensed Medicare insurance professionals to market Medicare products to Association members in 47 states. We have a database of more than 51 million seniors including more than 20 million senior citizens turning 65 over the next 12 months. Our Members have looked to the Association for accurate and reliable information for more than 40 years. 

About The Association 

The Association is a nonprofit organization chartered in North Carolina in and 1977 Washington DC in 1980. Our mission is building a better quality of life through education, information, and service for the senior adults of America. The collective strength of our membership enables us to serve the broader community, improving the quality of life for all seniors in America. Any person age 50 and over is eligible to join. The Association receives no federal or state funds. There are no membership dues. Royalty fees are paid to the Association for the uses of its intellectual property from various insurance companies and organizations. These fees are used for the general purposes of the Association. The Association is not affiliated, endorsed by or connected with Social Security or with any federal or state agency.   

The Association provides an online resource for Medicare, Medicare Plans, Social Security, Taxes, Discounts, Lifestyle, and Senior benefits to make life easier. The Association also offers health insurance information, along with competitive quotes from some of the nation’s leading insurance companies. Our Medicare Advisors are licensed agents and can provide complete information on Medicare plans, prescription drug plans, dental plans, final expense plans, and long-term care insurance. We have helped thousands of people new to Medicare with their transition for more than 40 years. Not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program.

Medicare Advisor Benefits:

   Quality Leads - Membership Database Access in your Marketing Area

   Medicare Quote Engine - Your Personalized URL Medicare Quote Engine

   Email Marketing Campaign - Your  Personalized URL Email Campaign

   FACEBOOK Marketing Campaign - Your Personalized URL Facebook Campaign

   Direct Mail Marketing Campaign - Your Personalized Direct Mail Campaign 

   Top Contracts - Online Contracting

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