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Certified Medicare Advisor

North Carolina Senior Citizens Association (NCSCA) is a non-profit organization chartered by the state of North Carolina in 1977.  NCSCA is affiliated with the American Senior Citizens Association (ASCA), a non-profit organization chartered in Washington DC in 1980.  We are looking for licensed Medicare insurance professionals to market Medicare Supplement Insurance to Association members in North Carolina and 45 other states.

NCSCA has a database of more than 1 million seniors including more than 60,000 individuals turning 65 over the next 12 months in North Carolina. ASCA has a database of more than 40 million seniors including more than 2 million turning 65 in the next 12 months in the USA. There are no Association membership dues required. Royalty fees are paid to the Association for the use of its intellectual property from various companies in the USA. These fees are used for the general purposes of the Association. Medicare beneficiaries have looked to the Association for accurate and reliable information on Medicare and Medicare options for more than 40 years.

If you are a Medicare Insurance Specialist OR an insurance agent who has never sold a Medicare supplement policy, YOU DON' T WANT TO MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

It doesn't matter which FMO's you are currently licensed or contracted with to sell Medicare supplement insurance. With our long relationship with the Medicare supplement insurance companies and FMO’s, we will work with them to provide you new contracts to market in your marketing area.

Our Special General Agent Appointment Contracts allow you to remain independent while earning top commissions and renewals for the life of the business on Medicare supplement policies and other senior products. A 5% royalty fee is paid to the Association for the use of its intellectual property. The royalty fee is similar to the 5% fee paid to AARP for its intellectual property by United Healthcare.

Medicare Advisor Benefits:

  1. Link to the Association’s CRM and Membership Database
  2. Outbound Toll-Free Number
  3. Incoming Toll-Free Number with your personal extension number
  4. Unlimited access to the consumer quote engine
  5. Phone booking appointments
  6. Medicare Advisor website listing
  7. Participation in the email drip campaign
  8. Participate in the postcard mailing campaign
  9. Access to Medicare videos.


If you are interested, complete the Medicare Advisor form below, and we will send you an online contracting invitation. Don't wait. Get in on the ground floor in your marketing area today.

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Communication Preference
Medicare Supplemental Experience
Medicare Advantage Experience
Are you interested/willing to get licensed in other states?
Please list the insurance company(s) and field marketing organization (FMO) you are licensed with for each insurance company?
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