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What to Look for in A Good Medicare Supplement Policy?  

Shopping for a Medicare Supplement policy?  All Medicare Supplement Plan benefits are set by the federal government - the ONLY difference is PRICE. That means there is no difference in the benefits you receive under one company’s plan versus another. However, the prices vary widely among the various insurance companies. The first thing to consider is the price when choosing a good policy. In addition, you should consider the company’s overall reputation, financial rating, household discounts and the number of years the company has been selling Medicare Supplement Plans. 

Our Medicare Specialists can help you avoid the pitfalls. We can help you compare all the leading companies in your area. We will bring all the numbers to the table and you decide what coverage is best. 

Can I qualify for a 12% household discount?

Yes. With some companies, you automatically qualify for a 12% household premium discount if you have a spouse/partner, friend or relative that you have lived with for the past 12 months.  With other companies, to qualify for a discount, your spouse/partner must be a policyholder with the company to qualify for the household premium discount.