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About Plan G

Plan G is The Most Popular Plan.

A Medicare Supplement covers the gaps in Original Medicare. A Medicare Supplement Plan provides you freedom and protection for the future.  By federal law, all Medicare Supplements Plans A-N are standardized and offer identical benefits from all companies. The ONLY difference is PRICE.

Plan G is the most popular Medicare Supplement Plan today.  Plan G covers 100% of all Medicare-eligible charges, with the exception of covering the $185 Medicare Part B 2019 calendar-year deductible.  The Medicare Part B deductible is only paid ONCE during a calendar year. So, the best time to buy a Medicare supplement is six months before your 65th birthday to six months after birthday or when you enroll in Medicare Part B.

Plan G premium rates vary widely among the various insurers even though the benefits are the same for each company. So, compare premium rates, financial ratings, company's reputation and and the number of years the company has been marketing Medicare supplements to get the best value. Our NCSCA Medicare Specialist can help you avoid the pitfalls.  We can help you compare and enroll in the plan of your choice.


Plan F will no longer be available to newly-eligible Medicare beneficiaries after January 1, 2020.

What does this mean for you? If you already have Plan F or are considering getting Plan F, you should be aware of the new law. The federal government will no longer allow newly-eligible beneficiaries to obtain a Medicare Supplement that covers the Medicare Part B deductible after January 1, 2020. 

The good news: If you already have Plan F, you can keep it and will not be forced to move to another plan since this law only affects newly-eligible Medicare beneficiaries. 

The bad news: In the future, the Plan F premium rates will increase more quickly than the other plans. Why is this? Each plan is individually rated based on the costs (e.g. claims processed). After 2020, when Plan F is no longer accepting new applicants, the pool of Plan F members will begin to age more rapidly than other plans, which will result in higher proportionate claims costs and thus drive up the premiums for Plan F. 

So what should you do? Most experts recommend Plan G now, which: ♦ has lower premium rates than Plan F and is not impacted by the new law, ♦ provides the same coverage as Plan F, except for the $185 Medicare Part B 2019 calendar-year deductible. 

Act now: If you are healthy and over age 65, it is important that you act now since you may have to go through medical underwriting in order to switch your Medicare Supplement Plan. If you wait until a later time, you risk potential health issues that could prevent you from changing your Supplement Plan.

Plan G Include All These Benefits:

With Original Medicare and Plan G, you have: 
• The right to choose any hospital, doctor or specialist that accepts Medicare patients in the USA 
• No networks to worry about 
• No doctor referral needed to see a specialist 
• No prior approval required

With Original Medicare and Plan Plan G, 100% of all Medicare-eligible charges are covered.
• You pay $0 for Medicare Part A deductible and co-payments 
• You pay $0 for all Medicare-eligible hospital inpatient and outpatient services
• You pay $0 for preventive care services
• You pay $0 when you go to a skilled nursing facility
• You pay $0 for any Medicare-eligible excess charges
• You pay $0 for any additional Medicare-eligible medical service



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